03 September 2008

Day 3 - Blog Tripping!

We love dining out because I don't cook much. Hehehehe! Our go-to diner is TGIF in Dubai Festival Mall because it's close by. We frequent the diner every Friday morning right after hearing mass. The serving is American style and one meal can be eaten by 2 actually. Here are some of our fave entrees.

This is the Taters. It has cheese topping, some salsa and spices! Yummy! And below is my daughter eating her favorite Chicken Crispers for kids' serving and a glass of Strawberry and Lemon mocktail.
Below is my usual order - Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta. It has a tinge of spice which bring out the taste of the meal. It's not salty and I even think it's bordering "bland" for other people's taste but hey, I like hospital food so bland will be fine by me!

Our Mocktails! Strawberry and lemon and Mine is Mango.

If we feel like eating noodles, we go to Wagamama in Crowne Plaza Hotel along Sheikh Zayed Road. My daughter loves the Chilli Mousse cake.


  1. hahaha! wagamama is a fusion japanese/asian restaurant right? we don't have it here in tokyo but i saw it in london once. in japanese, wagamama means selfish. but i admit, its catchy for those not in the know ;-)

  2. hi caryn...yes, it's a fusion of japanese and asian cuisine. sometimes we order japanese food but i forgot what it's called ;p so, that's what it means? no wonder i don't feel like sharing my choco chilli mousse...hehehehe


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