28 September 2008


I did one goof up at work which I think surpassed all the other goof ups of my colleagues. I forgot to meet up with one of the top honcho of the company. Yup! TOP LEVEL dude, as in the one who sit in the corner office overlooking the great view...that dude. I'd rather succinctly term it "missed" to meet up with him because I was "into my zone" at work in the other room and time slipped by. I was so into my zone that I almost forgot other people exists. That engrossed, I tell you.

I am a very keen person but lately, maybe due to pressure and the overwhelming tasks to do, I just tend to slip a notch. I normally remember even the minute details so I was so mortified to find out that my meeting was overdue for couple of hours already. (Note to self: bring your mobile with you and put it on alarm!)

So, what can we do to improve our memory? Here are some tips so you don't goof up like I just did =)

1. Exercise your brain

Solve puzzles, learn new things, do things out of the ordinary like brushing your teeth with your left hand if you're right handed, pay attention or concentrate/focus more

2. Tailor your learning acquisition best to your own style

Some people learn best or retain more information thru visuals while others thru auditory means. Read books if you must if you prefer seeing things, listen to audio books to enhance you brain functions.

3. Bridge information thru connections

There are information that we already know so link that extra data you have just acquired and build on it like remembering an address of a new friend who lives in the same street of a colleague.

4. Use organizational tools

Make use of your gadget's and software's' calendars, alarms, write on post-its, write on cards, write on boards - all the info you need to acquire later on like emails, special dates to remember, phone numbers, meetings!!!

5. Review and Rehearse

If you have just acquired new information, try reviewing it again and again and play it back in your mind.

6. Eat, Exercise and Live a healthy lifestyle

Nuts, tofu, carrots, green tea are samples of food you can take because they are nutrient-rich and has anti-oxidants which help in improving one's memory.

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  1. I am still quite young and yet oh so forgetful.. I think its due to the fact that I don't exercise my brain so often and it doesn't get enough stimulation. Thanks for the tips, I need to do some of them to improve my memory... :)


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