01 September 2008

I am going on a Blog Trip!!!

No, no, no! Not another trip outside the country. Got you there! I am hopping around the blogosphere from 1 to 5 Sept. 2008 with other great mommies out there.

I am joining Marie of Mom Soap Box on her mission to go on a virtual tour around the blogosphere and who knows where it will lead us. I am sure this is going to be fun!

This is my itinerary / mission today:

Day 1
Here's for a start. Just a little fact about me and my life here in Dubai.

My name is Ria, a mom of a 10-year old kid who is the source of my pride and joy. A loving wife, daughter, sister and friend to my family and friends. I have been living here for the past 8 years and I don't know when we'll be back home for good. I am working in one of the prestigious airlines in the world so I get to travel a lot. I am a homebody and loves to do arts and crafts with my daughter. I love pets and a big environmental advocate. I can be very reclusive at times because I think a lot and I love solitude. It gives me peace of mind. I need that coming from a work that leaves me brain dead most of the time! hahahaha....joke! That's all for now. I don't want to kill the suspense! =)

Oh, btw, the price of gasoline here is approx. AED 6.25 per Imperial gallon.

See you again tomorrow for my next stop.


  1. Neat idea-can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. It's nice to know you a bit Ria. Ang tagal mo na pala jan sa Dubai. About tha gasoline price, mahal na ba yan, how much in USD?

  3. Hi Raquel...siguro about USD1.75 yng price ng gas dito per gallon. Mura na yun compared sa ibang bansa. Are you also blog tripping with Marie?

    Hello Industrialpoppy...I feel this is going to be a lot of fun! Wanna join us???

  4. Another lovely stop on my blog trip! Thanks for the ride!

  5. You're welcome Jill... It's nice of you to hop on =)

  6. Hi Ria,
    I'm stopping by on the blog trip. WOW Dubai, I just met another mom from Indonesia. Amazing the places I have been able to visit on this trip. It's nice to meet you.


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