10 September 2008

Shaken but not Stirred

There was a tremor here in Dubai around 2:35 p.m. today and I was one of the few in the office who felt it. I instantly alerted everyone that I was experiencing tremors - twice, about a minute apart. The first one was stronger than the 2nd. The epicenter was said to be in Iran. The seismic activity measured around 6.1 in the Richter scale.

My colleagues just laughed it off saying I was overly "sensitive" about these stuff. Well, I quipped: "One day, you people will thank me for being an environmental freak! I am in-tune with nature so things like this, I feel right away." I felt like the "boy who cried wolf" when I told them there were tremors as I spoke. What can I do if I am that princess with a pea under the mattress?

I told them, the next time it happens (which I hope and pray that it doesn't), I won't warn them. I'll pick up my bag and run like crazy out of the office! Leave me a pink slip for all I care!!! I'll be running for my life!


  1. pasalamat nga sila me nakaramdam eh.

    i'm fine, ikaw kumusta na? i'm not bothered, hehe, ad lang yun ;)

    take care, i miss u.

  2. oo nga mommy liza... we're both busy on our own worlds. miss you too... i'm just around the corner =)


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