08 September 2008

Slim Trim Vitamin

Getting fed up with those flabs? I am! I'd lose weight and then gain it back and then lose it again. I just want to finally lose it all for good but how?

Well, there's a way to slim down by taking this vitamin - Vitamin C! According to research, our bodies need enough Vitamin C to burn fat and burning fat is the "numero uno" key in losing those unwanted fats!

To keep those unwanted pounds to crawl right back, help yourself with a Vitamin-C rich meals throughout the day by having grapefruit, orange juice or fill your dinner plate with C-rich veggies like bell peppers, broccoli and brussels sprout.


  1. hmmmm, hope this works!hahahaha!

  2. Im off to the pharmacy lol! Flab is evil! Thanks Ria

  3. nakita mo na pala =)

    I didn't actually announce that I have a new blog. I just let people discover it for themselves like what you did. Dapat yun girlforallstatus ang kuhanan ko ng domain pero sayang yun alexa rating and mga links. Kaya bumili na lang ng bago ang lola mo. =)

    for the moola lang yun. baka sakali magka PR eh di maraming opps.


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