27 September 2008

"SUITS" You to a T!

Nothing can be more cumbersome than wearing something that does not fit you at all. My husband has to go through racks and racks of ready-made business suits only to have them repaired because the sleeves are too long, the shoulders droop and the length is long.

Thanks to MySuit.Com which offer custom suit because now it will be easy to find the right fit for his body type.

We checked the custom suit site and was pleased to find out that the mens’ suit are Made to measure to the person's body contours. We checked out the site's interactive "My Suit Experience" tab and found 3 easy steps to follow just by clicking and selecting your preference. There are wide array of styles to choose, from single button to double button to three button to four button and double-breasted jacket. You get to choose various lapels, stitching style, vents, pocket style, sleeve buttons, vests and even the pants style.

My hubby never realized all those when he was buying his ready made suits prior to checking the site. The MySUIT experience is one never to miss. Just by going through their site, you get to know the fine craftmanship and technology they use to give you the best suit. Their process time takes about two weeks which is not long enough considering the precise tailoring they will do to ensure you get your suit looking and fitting you properly. So if you are in for an appointment, just visit their appointment link and choose the style that will fit you to a T!



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