26 September 2008

Under the Weather

I have been sneezing my guts away for the past 2 days and now I have fever and cough again. For crying out loud, what must I do to jack up my immune system? I am just sick of being sick most of the time. Do I need to change my eating habits, my lifestyle? I exercise and run like crazy on the treadmill, I eat fruits and veggies. I don't eat meat often. I certainly don't drink and smoke. I take multi-vitamins, have long rests during weekends but why do I still fall ill all the time? Sob...sob...sob...

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  1. hi ria, oo nga. what else do we have to do? I also don't smoke. I seldom drink. Christmas and New year lang ata. I try to eat healthy. I don't exercise that much though. my form of exercice nowadays is driving. ewan ko pa rin, sinusitis ko grabe pa rin. baka old age =)


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