21 September 2008

Up and Running (?!?)

My laptop's been bugged for the past week. I was unable to post other than the one yesterday and some that I have already pre-programmed to post on a certain day. I have a feeling it was some sort of a "worm" or "virus" because now, my laptop's up and running. Yey! Though not preempting any circumstances, I think my laptop "knew" that she's (yup, she's a she...hahahahaaa....just a trivia, I have this silly habit of naming things with human names...don't ask what's my laptop's name though...hahahaha!) about to be sentenced to "re-formatting." I was already copying and creating back-ups for my files when lo and behold! I tried to log in for the last time before I reformat it and was surprised to find out that I can log in again. I don't have an iota of info on what happened suddenly. All I care is that she's back, I am back and everybody's within reach again!

Bear with me again as I try to cope up with the dropping of e-loves and reading of blogs and commenting. I have gazillions of things on my head right now to process. I may just feel what my laptop felt - "system overload!"

Tuh-tah for now and like what Arnie said in the Terminator, "I'll be back..." Hasta la vista babies!!!


  1. Welcome back baby!!! Hinay hinay lang ha :)

  2. thanks shiela baby!!!! na-miss ko ang blogging aba! maluka-loka ang byuti ko...harhaarhar


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