09 September 2008

Vista and Mozilla - Testing my Patience

Curses! That's the most I can say when it comes to mouthing a bad word. Curses! I can think of all the curses known to man right now because of this issue with Vista OR Mozilla 3. I re-installed the updated version of Mozilla so I can open Yahoo properly. Lo and behold, I still cannot connect properly. I have to restart, reboot the router, clear the cache and cookies, disable some stuff and yet, I still cannot open the usual websites I frequent to using the older version of Mozilla.

This thing is really wearing my patience thin. I swear I could throw my laptop any moment now. I feel a little frustrated because I am not an IT expert so I don't understand what's happening, if it's Vista at fault, my browser, my firewall, my security settings...what?

I decided to downgrade my Mozilla to version 2 just so I can open the sites again and I managed to do that. It's starting to shed light now, I have a funny feeling that Vista has something to do with all this hullabaloos!

I need more patience! And I need it pronto!!!

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