05 September 2008

What's Wrong with Vista?

Can someone please tell me if Vista is a good operating system than the XP? Honestly, I thought it was initially when I bought my laptop last year as it was installed with Vista instead of the XP but as I progress with my usage of the OS (operating system), I find so many quirky things like it hangs, I cannot visit some site (most likely because I have a very tight firewall?!?) which I used to open using XP and now that I have updated my Mozilla, I cannot open Yahoo, I cannot connect but I have my connection all working properly. As a matter of fact, I am using my bro's laptop right now which is also connected in my network at home. Is it Yahoo, is it Mozilla or is it Vista? What's wrong???? So, I don't think I'll be able to post my Milan and Rome pics soon as I figure out what to do. Who are the experts here? Please help!!!!!!!! Do I need to downgrade my Mozilla again to ver 2? I noticed that when I upgraded yesterday to ver 3, I cannot open any sites. Grrrrrrrrrrr. This is just like severing my 2nd lifeline!



  1. same thing happened to me. it's the vista, girl.

  2. Vista is AWFUL. I have so MANY problems with it. I curse it everyday and am always wishing for my XP system back!!!

  3. makes me want to curse Vista too... grrrr. thanks for the comments! i have yet to figure out how to reconfigure my pc to XP. if at all it's possible... hay!

  4. Vista suxs! I bought a laptop a few weeks ago and took vista off and replaced it with XP. XP is a lot quicker, Vista just like to look pretty with nothing to show for it.

  5. From what i have heard. You can upgrade but i dont know if you can down grade. I use Vista and Fire fox and dont have very many problems. I might to refresh a couple times but thats it. You are my blog of the day party girl. See ya


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