17 September 2008

Where's Bananarama?

Do you know that 80's pop trio - Bananarama? I used to love their hits especially "Love in the first degree." I remember admiring Siobhan (the blondie) and trying my best to sing like her which I knew was not even close but I tried. I could have dyed my hair blond too just to prove my being a good fan! Their concert was the first one I have watched. I vividly recall singing my heart out to the tunes and boy, they rocked!

My hubby was playing their hits for the past few days and suddenly it hit me, where in the world is Bananarama?


  1. You know, that's a good question. Where IS Bananarama now? I used to love "Cruel Summer." :)


  2. I used to secretly like them I dont know what happened to them tho :( they were the original girl band :P

  3. hi beth and ria...i love cruel summer too and venus ;) yup, definitely the orig girl pop trio! miss them though...


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