18 October 2008


I have been mulling over this thought of migrating to Canada for good for ages. It comes on and off as my priorities shift to another direction. Now, my uncle has just given me news about how one relative got approved to work in Canada and the family will follow soon.

Hmmm. Very tempting I may say but right now, if I have to weigh all the pros and cons, the scale is slightly tilted to Dubai and the pros we get here. For one, we live a comfortable life and my hubby's career has taken off. We are uneasy on the idea that we'll have to start all over again and this time, we may just end up attending menial jobs. I am not saying it's not a good profession but we're both promoted to the higher ladder already. I don't think we'll both get the same opportunity as we have here.

I have plenty of good friends who migrated there and some say it's good and some otherwise so which is which? Anyway, this is just a thought. Who knows what tomorrow brings?


  1. Come to my site Ria , I have something 4 u.

  2. Oh I'd love to live in Canada, it looks so fresh and tranquil. Lets hope in the future you can xx You never know ;)


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