19 October 2008

Catatonic Pain

Photo credit: myhousecallmd.com
I have a terrible reaction to most medications. On most days when I am sick, I have to be given skin test before I can take a medication. I have been hit by a terrible migraine attack today. I was checking my mails when I felt a heaviness on my head. I couldn't take any medication for fear of any allergic reactions so I slept.

When I have migraines, I am left restless and almost in catatonic state because there is nothing much I can do but wait it out. Sob! The migraine attacks have been coming in close intervals now. I am having attacks at least 2 to 3 times in week now. I checked some sites on natural healing process for migraines but unfortunately, none so far can guarantee a home cure. However, here are some helpful tips to prevent or at least alleviate the pain associated with migraine attacks.

Take a bath or shower

Press two pressure points at the back of your neck. These pressure points are two inches apart below the base of the skull. Press between 1 to 2 minutes. This releases endorphins that help ease the pain.

Massage your own face, neck, shoulders and get someone else to do your back. This will relax your muscles.

Avoid any sources of stress and cancel any strenuous activities which will aggravate the condition.

Have a drink of water or natural juice.

Put cold compress on your forehead.

Avoid bright or flashing lights. Rest in dark room if you must.

Play soothing music to relax your mind.

Well, given the above tips, I hope this post help other migraine sufferers like me. I know most people can take pain-relievers which I have not been lucky enough to do. If you have other tips not mentioned above, please share. Thanks!


  1. I hope you are feeling better my friend. Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Have you been to the doctor to find out why you are have so many migranes? Take care dear friend.

  2. thanks bill. i m feeling much better now. i had to lessen the time i spend on computers to give myself a break. i have considered checking a specialist but not here. the rates here are simply ridiculous and most times, you don't get cured... (for any illness in general).

    how's life?


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