10 October 2008

The Economy Giant

What is happening to the world right now? I have been reading news on just about anything left and right and they are looking bleak. I have lost track on the news on how the US economy is falling in lightning speed. US, as a mega-power nation is tethering on economic collapse and what will happen next?

Our plans to travel this November has been put on hold until we figure out how the US economy is going to further affect other nations. We may not feel the pinch yet but I am sure a lot of things can happen between now and then. I don't want to splurge at the moment knowing that a lot of people out there have just lost their jobs and are financially unstable.

I just pray all of these mess will get resolved quick.


  1. It's the truth. The US economy is really on a downfall, affecting all of us here. But if you do come to the US, please come in NYC and I could meet you up. I live about 1 1/2 hr. drive to NYC.

  2. Tell me about it. Its so depressing when you turn the TV on and all they could talk about is the economy crisis. Im trying not to think about it, and with Christmas coming it's a real worry.

  3. That's exactly the reason why I don't watch news often. I hate hearing bad news.

    Btw, I've already moved to a new domain. Please update my link to www.barefootedme.com.

    Hope you can also add my new blog 'In My Red Heels'- www.kcee.info to your blogroll. I've already linked you up there.

    Thanks, girl and happy weekend!

  4. hi girl, how are you na? I hope your trip here this December won't be put on hold. dapat magparty tayo nila mommy liza =)


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