08 October 2008

The Expat's Life - Part 3 "Someone noticed!"

My eyes almost popped from their sockets when a friend forwarded a mail which is quite unusual because we, the Filipinos as overseas workers, are featured by an Arab journalist which appeared in Arab News. Read this and weep:

We are finally noticed and given the respect that we truly deserve. In this part of the world, being noticed and recognized for our value is an aberration to the idiosyncrasies. At least, someone finally told the world what Filipinos are made of - determination, perseverance, hope, and integrity. Yan ang Pinoy! (That's what a Filipino is!)

Shukran Mr. Abdulla al Maghlooth for recognizing our value in the society. I hope there are more people like you who will give us what we are due.

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  1. I salute to that sis!

    Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

  2. well its about time isnt it? ;) Be proud to be a Pinoy!

  3. Wow Congrats girl, I'm proud of you. You are published! Hey, haven't got you email yet about your hubby coming here to Sg, it's a pity you cannot come.

  4. Well, this news article should have been written a long time ago. But anyway, afterall these Filipino-bashing, it's time that we should be recognized all over the world.


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