22 October 2008

Fending off the Bad

Old man's tale claims that garlic can drive away bad spirits and even scare off the vampires . I don't know if that ever holds true but one thing I am sure of, garlic does drive something away and it's not the bad spirits or vampires but the bad bacterias, heart diseases, inflammation, type 2 diabetes complications, high-blood pressure and cancer.

Garlic has a very pungent smell but it has many benefits for our health. Not only that it's quite a stinker but it's rather full of Vitamin C and allicin which studies show can help protect cells from cancer-causing substances.

The only caveat is the longer-lasting smell it leaves in your mouth. However, with the benefits in mind, I think I'll allow myself to smell "pungently nice" once in a while...hehehehe. Booooo...

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