24 October 2008

Flu Boo Boo... and again...

Having been on and off sick, I am so getting sick of it! I really don't know how to make myself healthier than ever. I drink lots of water, exercise regularly, eat fruits and veggies. I am a less meat eater, not much on fried foods but yet, I still fall ill quite fast. I am already bordering being a hypochondriac because of my frail health. However, if you look at me, I am not emaciated. I am even in the chubby side but I still get sick easily. %&@#!!!

Flu Boo Boo part 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5, or was it 6 or 7???)
by Ria Cervantes

Not again!
I have this cough and phlegm
I don't know what to do.

I drank more water
And juices too
So my resistance will have power.

Now and then,
I get sick my friends
How do I recover?

More rests?
Or even medicines
To make my immune system the best.

Frankly now
I am so tired
Of falling ill in a row.

Tell me please
What will make me at ease
So I don't fall ill again.



  1. Its pretty common at this time of year for these things :( the whole family was sick a few weeks back. Hope you get better so tho luvvy!

  2. hi ria,
    my case is different, half of the year i am sick, oh no, most parts of the year, i am sick - fever, flu, coughs, colds, even pneumonia... sigh... dunno what else to do.
    hugs to your family (sans the sniffles =) )

  3. Hi Ria I hope by the time you read my comment you are already well! Vitamin C, lots of fruits...this will also be a good time for you to take a leave of absence. Fatigue makes your immune system weak. I was that way late last year I was so bored and tired of my job so I took a 3 month loa and when I came back I was surging with energy and ready to fight again!

  4. have you tried other doctors? baka kailangan mo ng second or even third opinion.

  5. mag pa check up ka na kaya? right now, i don't feel well. but expected na to, winter na kasi.

    punta ka sa doctor to make sure your health is ok. ingatz.

  6. Hi Ria...don't get sick sistah! You need to eat the right food..right amount and all that is right.LOL!

    Anayways, it's very common at this time of the year... and hope you feel better now. Just drink juices and eat plenty of vitamin c rich food.These are sure protection against any diseases... but remember your serving size...heh!

  7. thanks y'all for the nice get-well wishes. i'm feeling much better except for this pesy dry cough.


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