08 October 2008

For Crying Out Loud!

My goodness! I don't even know where to begin my rant today. Yes, I would like to rant about the way "they" just censor websites in this part of the planet. I normally don't ramble about stuff but this is simply ridiculous! The "shield" site I used to go to when I want to protect my pc in public places has been censored and is now a blocked site. That's the only way I can open Social Spark, PayPerPost, and other bloggers' sites that I cannot normally open on my personal connection at home. I don't even peek on bad websites but to cut off some sites from my normal routine is way too absurd!

For crying out loud! It's just a "protective site" for wi-fi users.... %#!?@!

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  1. hi ria!

    i will cry with you!! cheer up. i have been browsing here at work, and they blocked sites i often visit. good thing my blogger site is still here. or i will cryyyyy my heart out if they will block it too!!

    is it ok if i will link u up at my two blogs?

    take care!


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