24 October 2012

Halloween Dessert

Re-posting to share this cute and spooky Halloween dessert to everyone. This is easy to make and great with kids around to help you decorate your scary Halloween dessert! Enjoy!


Well, my daughter and I were up to something very ghoulish, if not scary, for our halloween dessert. Halloween is not observed in this part of the world. It is recognized but not really celebrated as we would back home and in the US/Canada areas where you can trick or treat with delight!

So, to make our own Happy Halloween happy as it can be in the Middle East, we decided to make this very easy halloween dessert.

Here are the ingredients:
2 pcs. Gelatin (strawberry or any flavor you like)
15 pcs. of Oreo (crushed including the cream)
Some nice shaped biscuits
Baker's gel for writing stuff
Some gummy candies and sour candy tape (to be cut as grass)
Whipped cream

The how to:
1. Cook the gelatin according to the packaging instructions
2. Pour in a rectangle dish and refrigerate to harden
3. When the gelatin is already firm, put the crushed Oreo on top.
4. Write the word "RIP" on some of the cookies using the baker's edible gel. Just don't crowd the plate.
5. Cut the green sour candy tape to look like grass
6. Put some whipped cream and shape them like ghoulish ghosts and dot some eyes for effects.

So what do you have now??? A nice Happy Halloween dessert complete with ghosts! Boooo! Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. WOW! Im definately going to make this for the little monsters! They love Oreo! Thanks Ria! xxx

  2. Wow, this is worth trying! very creative, sis!

    By the way, I got something for you here. :)

  3. thanks sisters!!! i forgot to mention, this idea is from kraft and i always check out their stuff because they have other kiddie recipes.

    do this over the weekend. it didn't take us long. just don't buy the cooking kind of gelatin. tell me how it goes ladies and have fun!!!

  4. i will try this too ria. ganda pang halloween :)

  5. hi sis shiela...sige, try mo din ito and let me know if the kids love it...


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