29 October 2008

My EC problem

Big, big sorry to all of you guys who tried to drop some e-love and was not successful. I was just informed recently that my Entrecard account has been "deleted" because I disobeyed one of the rules (specifically #5 - NO POP UP ADS!). Apparently, pop-up ads can interfere or whatever with the whatever of Entrecard. Hence, I have rectified the matter and have notified them. I hope I'll be back in the dropping business soon as I miss you all!
Meanwhile, just leave me nice comments or messages so I can get back to all of you.


  1. Oh that's why... okies i'll drop every once in a while to see if ok ka na. except this thursday and friday as I will be on my 11 hour shift again so excuse me on those days... Take care!

  2. Sorry to here that Ria. I hope they let you back soon. Take care.


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