30 October 2008

Off to Singapore

This year has been a busy travel year for us. I had blocked my leave dates already to accommodate all the travels we will have to do for this year. I didn't plan for a jet-setting 2008 for my family but due to some important family occasions and the extra airline tickets we have to use (hubby and I are airline staff so we need to use those tickets), we're off again this time to Singapore.

Last time I have been there was 2002 and I am sure that a lot has changed as what Jade said of Momma Wannabe whom I will be meeting (crossing fingers and toes!) there. I am excited! She'll be the 3rd blogger friend I will be meeting in person.

So, I won't be around for few days only as my family and I spend our weekend in the beautiful city of Singapore. We'll be meeting the in-laws there to celebrate my mom-in-law's 70th birthday and she doesn't know that we will be there. This is going to be a great surprise for her. I can't wait to see her facial expression =)

I'll post pictures once I come back. I still owe you my photos from Rome and I have been bugged lately to arrange my photos. Hopefully I can get my act back and organize it before everything piles!

Thanks to all of my dear friends who wished me well while I was sick. I still have the sniffles and the terrible itchy throat but barring any circumstances, I'm still off to Asia. I have packed with me some colds and cough medication. I just hope I won't be too groggy to enjoy the trip and this is my daughter's first time in Singapore. So, tuh-tah for now and I'll be back!


  1. Hi Ria! Thank you so much for the comment... Yeah that's what I keep telling my husband ... that he is one lucky guy hahaha but i know I am luckier there are not too many men like him around anymore... buti na lang nakahabol pa ako hahaha I guess I must have done something good to deserve him... Have a great weekend!

  2. happy trip and say hi to jade for me =)

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  4. Hi. Thanks for informing me about this contest. It's so wonderful! I subscribed and checked out the Come and Play site. Awesome toys and quite educational too. I like the magnetic teddy dress up kit.


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