12 October 2008

Pilates and You

Did you know that pilates exercises can help maintain a straight and strong spine? When the spine is straight and aligned correctly in a controlled manner, it prevents the curving of the spine which is not only painful but can make one small.
I used to do pilates at home when I was still not blogging. So I partly blame myself (and my addiction to blogging...LOL) for my lack of discipline to continue the practice. Well, I will go back to my pilates session in due time because I have a wedding to attend to in few months and I want to look firm and toned in my gown!
Here's an easy way to keep your spine aligned when you have time constraint like I do. Just imagine a string that runs vertically through your spine and pulls your head upwards. That should do the trick. However, when you master the art of visualization, don't make it an excuse not to try pilates. It does make wonders!

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