01 October 2008

Wednesday Anime - Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

My daughter is a fan of this manga series which she follows religiously. She knows every character in the series and knows exactly what's happening (surprisingly, when I ask about her homework, she gives me a puzzled look...hmmmm). She even knows the theme song by heart in Japanese! Ask if she knew what it meant, she'd say she loved the melody and all and just mimics the lyrics. Oh kids!

Anyway, going back to the anime my daughter loves, this is a series of a bevy of mermaid princesses who later discovered that they have powers. The main star of the series is Lucia who is a mermaid princess who fell in love with Kaito who is a human (which I think is not 10o% human...my daughter won't tell!). She took the form of a human to be with Kaito who she loved while Kaito continues to love the mermaid form of Lucia unknowingly.

It's like the story of the Little Mermaid but here, Lucia cannot tell Kaito that she's the mermaid who saved him because she'll turn into foam.

The story is geared in the mahou shoujo (magical girl) genre.

(photo from: freeweb)

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  1. hay naku! i missed watching anime series nah. i like this also :)


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