08 October 2008

Wednesday Anime - Sailor Moon

I have watched this series a long time ago and remember the main character, Usagi Tsukino as the girl with the blond and long pony tails.

The story is about a middle school girl who began to have powers after talking to a cat named Luna. Usagi defends the world in the form of Sailor Moon. At first, she was reluctant and quite immature as she wanted to be just a normal girl. Later on, she learned to embrace her powers and fight the world's nemesis from the Dark Kingdom.


  1. Hi Ria naku hindi ako maka relate ang naabutan ko yata nun ay Voltes V and Candy Candy hahaha....Oh my Lord! Today's anime craze is Naruto my kids go gaga over Naruto and I can't seem to understand why...

  2. OMG!!! this reminds me when I was in grade one I'd always ask my mom to comb my hair the same as that of Usagi's ... used to have waist length hair back then ...


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