17 November 2008

Autumn Cleaning

We just missed spring cleaning so we did an "autumn cleaning" few days ago. I cannot breathe with all the mess at home. I cannot believe how much trash we have amassed in a span of few months and most of them were unnecessary stuff like toys of my princess, magazines I bought and have read only once, old and "tight" clothes, seldom worn shoes and other knicks and knacks.

I just had enough of the trash so I sent most of my daughter's toys to my in-laws' place in the Philippines. I shredded my old magazines to be used for my pets' beddings. I am not sure yet whether I will send my old and tight clothes back home since I am still hoping that I'd fit into them one of these days.

I swear, I am really going to change my spending habits by 2009. I will no longer stack items I barely use and won't buy clothes and bags as often as I breathe ;) I cannot stand the mess anymore. I just want to be a minimalist. In with the essentials and out with the clutter.


  1. buti ka pa, ako kailangan na talaga bago pa ko maglipat ng bahay =(

  2. hi ria! how are you? sige gawin ko pa yung tag, wait lang muna busy pa hehe.

    btw, hubs has an article about EC, you can read it here.

  3. i need to clear things as well esp. that we are moving. but difficult to start. kakatamad.

    about our weight issue. papayat din tayo when the right time comes, yun eh kung mag exercise tayo at mag diet :)

    ciao na, at mamalantsa pa ako :) added you nga pala to my msn chat. don't know if you received my message.

  4. my e mail ad is s_catalan@msn.com add mo na lang din ako if you have time. ingatz.


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