20 November 2008

Baby P - The Innocent Angel

It took me sometime to gather myself and write this post since this hurts deeply and has rattled the very core of my being as a mother. I know, most of you have read the tragic event that lead to the death of Baby P on the hands of his very own mother, boyfriend and a lodger. He died last year but the gruesome facts emerged only recently causing an uproar. How? How can a mother do such things to an innocent being, more so, to her very own son and why? He was 17 months old.

I am enraged just by reading the atrocious accounts that lead to the early demise of Baby P. I cannot fathom the evilness of the people who are responsible in cutting the life of this beautiful baby short on their hands. I am angry at the system and the people who oversee the system of child care in that country. I am feeling a lot of intense emotion right now but I need to voice this out. NO PUNISHMENT IS ENOUGH TO ALLEVIATE THE SUFFERING OF AN INNOCENT CHILD.

Baby P, the little cherub, may you find the peace that you deserve and feel the love that has been selfishly denied of you here on earth there in Heaven where you can no longer feel pain. We are all praying for you. Fly away little angel...

(photo from: Irish Examiner)


  1. hala kakaiyak naman po eto!

    ang cute niya pa naman!!! waaaaah.
    wherever he may be right.. i know that he is so much loved with the presence of our almighty. may he rest in peace..

  2. I've also seen the BBC news on Baby P's story. He suffered in the hands of the very person who gave him life, the very person who is supposed to love and protect him. I hope justice will be meted out against the unfit mother, the sick boyfriend and their lodger. Same goes with the irresponsible and incompetent Child Services personnel.

    I was working in a family court back in the Philippines and I encountered a lot of child abuses cases. There are people who are not fit to become parents.


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