05 November 2008

Congratulations Mr. President!

Barack Obama is now the first US African-American president. Congratulations Sir for winning the election. I pray that the obstacles US is facing right now will be the right challenge to bring out your best. Lead your nation to greater glory.

Congratulations too to his running mate, Mr. Joe Biden for becoming the Vice - President.

Congratulations and God Bless You!!!


  1. Its been so emotional.. I was crying my eyes out this morning and Im not even an American. What a historic event indeed and Im glad that I got to see it in my lifetime. :)

  2. I'' congrats too - all the way from Norway!

    Thanks for your BD greetings - very sweet of you :-)

  3. It seems that everyone all over the world has been following this event! I too am one of those who are happy to have Obama as the 44th President of the USA. I am not an American pero nakaka-inggit! The election results came back fast and McCain was sport enough to accept defeat and even called everyone to support Obama. If that happened here ang bagal na ng election results pag may nanalo pa isa isa silang magrereklamo na may dayaan (pero meron naman talaga kaso lahat sila feeling nadaya). I hope one day pag napalitan na ang Presidente natin ma feel ko rin yung kilabot na naramdaman ko nung nag speech si Obama -- you'd know just by his words that he will be a great leader. He came at a time that America is at its lowest...America needs change... Our country needs overhauling... :(


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