24 November 2008

Exercise for Longevity and Good Health

According to studies, losing those unwanted fats thru proper diet and exercise or increasing one's physical activities can make your "real age" 3 to 9 years younger.

Well, I have been regularly exercising but I suppose I need to pump up the jam! I run on the treadmill at least 4 times a week now for half an hour (that's all I can take for fear of knee or joint injury) with an interval of 3 to 4 minutes sprint. However, let's all remember that everyone has their own health limitations so seek the advice of your physician before you engage in strenuous activities. If you get a go-signal then try to squeeze in few minutes of intense physical workout like cycling or sprinting in between your moderate exercise.


  1. good for you. dapat bumili na rin ako ng treadmill pero wala na ko malalagyan pag nakalipat na kame.

  2. girl, here is the blog feature i promised...medyo slow ako e...hehe



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