08 November 2008

I Love Rome - Part 1

Here are some photos taken in the holy and historical Vatican and St. Peter's Square.

Just a tip - wear a very, very comfortable shoes or sandals. When visiting the Holy place of Vatican, do not wear shorts and sleeveless or any revealing clothes. I have seen a lot of tourists wearing skimpy clothing (I wonder why they even have to wear anything at all...) and was not admitted inside. Like most religious places of interest, one has to respect and conform to their norms.


  1. grabe, ang blue ng sky diyan. sana makapunta rin ako in the future.

  2. yes, you can =) think positive!

  3. wow buti ka pa. you always travel kahit saa.. anong travel company ka nga pala connected?

    about australia, yes you can visit us when we're there :)


Thank you for your comment.