03 November 2008

I'm back!

Yes! I was itching to type away! I have definitely morphed into an addicted blogger. Few days away from my laptop didn't do any good. I am never leaving my typing activity at all.

The trip was tiring and I am sad that I was not able to meet a good blogger pal - Jade. We exchanged texts and I was really hopeful to see her. However, travelling with other parties can be very tiring too because they have their own plans and I have mine and somehow, I have to cancel mine to accommodate theirs (I don't want to hurt some one's feelings so I had to give way...).

It was still a fun-filled vacation for us especially for the young princess since it was her first time to visit Singapore. A lot has changed indeed since the last time I have been there; 6 years to be exact! There were so many constructions which I had not seen back then. I think Singapore is busier now as it was before but it still remains to be one of the nicest cosmopolitan places in the world.

We spent the whole day in Sentosa. Due to time constraint, we were unable to visit Jurong Bird park and the Night Safari for the little princess' educational tour. Well, the day spent in Sentosa was enough to excite her senses especially the glass-bottom cable ride, the pink dolphin show, the fish and other sea creatures in the Underwater World and the great show of the Song of the Sea.

We'll be back in Singapore for sure. The next time will definitely be a longer one and I WILL HOLD THE REINS!


  1. I am very glad you had fun on your vacation. Welcome back to bloggerville. LOL

  2. hi bill...it's good to be back!!!

  3. sis alam ko na bakit palagi kang nagkakasakit. you're always up and about kasi :) kakainggit ka naman. anong airlines ba kayo connected? if you don't mind me asking :)

  4. sayang, kala ko nagkita kayo. When naman ang punta mo dito? =)

  5. Glad to have you back addicted blogger--greetings from an addicted blogger. LOLZ!

  6. hi ria!

    long time no see. heheh. my mushroom blog has been missing you.. :)

    anyways, kainggit naman ive never been there!! i would like to travel too e.. kaya travel na lang ako through ur blog.. show us pics please..

    take care!

  7. Di bale next time plan a week or so ha...so manu things to see here talaga. Andito pa kaya kami pagbalik nyo?


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