22 November 2008

On Losing Valuables

My daughter and her class went to the park for an outdoor class session. They normally do this on the onset of winter when the breeze is cool and still permissive. She asked for the digital camera and so I allowed her, being the good mother that I am (wink...hehehe!). It was more to encourage her artistic nature to kick in while snapping scenery which she loved doing during our recent travels.

Well, no one wants something lose something valuable like a digital camera but during the course of their outing, somewhere, somehow, she managed to lose it and then it was gone.

I still don't know if I will get mad or what but I am not spewing money here. Hello!!! On the other hand, it's just an object and is replaceable but if I had gotten mad at her, I might have said something I would deeply regret for the rest of my life. I thank the grace of the Lord for giving me the patience and the discernment to just let it go. I cannot bind myself with earthly things.

I am glad I didn't utter any hurtful words that can break my daughter's heart all because of one digital camera.

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  1. sayang!!! magkaiba tayo, mabilis ang bibig ng lola mo. buti na lang mabait mga anak ko. wish i had your patience =)


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