17 November 2008

Opening of Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall has officially opened to the public last 7 November. It is located in the old town near where Burj Dubai is (the currently tallest building in the world). I have yet to visit the place when time permits but my excitement grew thin when I read on the news how horrible the traffic condition was. It was like a carnage. People leaving their cars unattended despite the influx of vehicles trying to get a parking space was prevalent.

I have no comment about that one because I still want to see the big aquarium inside and the new skating rink. Only few shops have opened last Friday but others will soon open their doors in the coming days.

Dubai Mall is said to be the largest in the Middle East and perhaps in the whole world. Knowing how Dubai wants to hug the limelight to itself for grabbing "the first" on most things especially in infrastructure development, I won't be too surprised if this mall becomes the first mall with waterfalls and gigantic aquarium inside.

I hope the fuss about this mall will really live up to the beauty that is inside. That remains to be seen though.


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  2. Oh, it finally has opened? We are not that keen on big shopping centers but maybe it's worth a look - from distance ;) Has the underwater hotel opened there yet?

  3. hi ria! i'm done with the poem, isa na lang utang ko, hahaha. thanks.

    Mommy Tag.

    take care.

  4. Nice. Sama kaya ako? Kung hindi stop over kaya kami dyan when we go to Australia next year? Hehehe.


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