21 November 2008

Some Kind of Luck

I remember the times when my mom and her friends used to take us out for a quick thrill. We used to go to casinos and play the slot machines and watch other players there. I was already in the right age then so I understood how it worked for her. Honestly, I too found it fun and thrilling especially when your slot machine starts conking out coins that would fill up the bucket in your hand. My mom had won the jackpots many times already and I lost count while dad gets consolation prizes.

The advent of modern technology has created more options for players. Now they can go through the internet and play internet casino right at the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days when we used to take long drives to get to one of my parents' favorite hangouts - the Regent and that was in Clarke, Pampanga. No more waiting time to get a decent spot and gone are the waft of tobacco and cigarette smoke. Just you and the computer. Oh the days! I wonder if mom knows. Hmmm...

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