18 November 2008

The Tweedledums

There were two friends named Dimwit and Dimtwat who lived in the Highland. These two ninnies were known for their shady characters and unpleasant behaviour. They looked down on people as if they were slaves.

One day, these two ninnies went to a posh place to get something done and Dimwit didn't get exactly what was requested so the barrage of insults and expletives flew in every corner of the place and Dimtwat followed suit. They dropped names and told everyone they were from this and that and they would call some officials because they didn't get what they wanted. They would sue the management of the place for ruining something. The slur of inappropriate words were spoken at lightning speed causing a lot of inconvenience to the other citizens.

Well, in the real world, people like them should be hung upside down. Their brains went down to their feet and need to get back to were it should be - that mid part of their head called the skull!

These are the kind of dimwits populating this society. A lot of them are expatriates who came from nothing and when they suddenly had money, they became this proverbial fly on top of the carabao. It's such a shame because they give a very bad image of their fellowmen who are not even close to being like them at all.


  1. Ano pa! So beware of them talaga and anyway hindi naman sila palagi ang nasa taas, me panahon din sila :)

  2. naku sis! correct ka dyan. alam mo ba na "pinoys" dito sa dubai eh ibang klaseng breed? hindi naman lahat pero madami na silang nagbibigay ng bad image sa mga katulad namin na hindi naman pasaway...hay naku, kung ako magulang nila, nabatukan ko na yung mga yun... hehehe.


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