12 November 2008

Wednesday Anime - Whisper of the Heart

This is a story about two school kids whose friendship blossoms into young love. Shizuku, the main character of the movie is a young school girl longing to discover her true talent. She met a fascinating character in the form of a chubby cat riding the metro on its own. She followed the cat and the story of her young love evolved from there where she met Seiji, a mysterious young lad and The Baron, a cat figurine who helped her listen to the whisper of her heart.

(photos from Online Ghibli)


  1. Hi Ria! My daughter loves anime in fact sa sobrang hilig niya she draws anime characters so well... how have you been doing? Btw I have tagged you again...given na lagi ka kasama sa tags ko hehehe

  2. thanks enid for always remembering me sa tags at ako ay enjoy na enjoy gawin yun.

    naku, pareho pala tayo ng anak na mahilig sa anime. my princess even memorizes the songs kahit na japanese and when asked kung she understood a single japanese word, di daw, feel lng nya...hay naku... hahahaha

  3. cute naman ng story..anak ko nman hindi anime and hilig.. btw, my 3pc Musical Toy giveaway has ended. I will not keep you waiting, visit sweetytots.com and see who wins. Thank you for joining and please always visit sweetytots.com for more giveaways.

  4. @ sweetytots - congrats sa winner. i left a comment there on your post. pag may contest ka, just let me know ha...thanks!


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