06 November 2008

What's in store for US of A?

Now that Mr. Obama has been elected as the 44th president of the US of A, he has a lot of cleaning up to do. He is going to face a big challenge when he starts his official day in the White House.
I cannot help but hope for the best to come for USA. I have always have this soft spot for the US since I have relatives and friends there. I hope and pray that US will come out of the financial quagmire it is in at the moment with the help of the able President Obama and his Vice.
We all go through burdens in our lives and so are our countries no matter where we reside. However, with the mighty US as one economic giant affecting other countries like my home country, we could only pray for positive things.
So, what's in store for US now that they have a new president? If I were to voice out my hopes, I want US to pull out from the crazy war and solve the war within (poverty, economic crisis, homeless people, recession, diseases and the thinning moral fiber of a nation), better education, support for the US troops and to provide more jobs to their people and to those who find greener pasture in the land of milk and honey.
These are just hopes from someone who is neither an American nor a resident of the US. Someone who believes that US will come out of whatever battle it has at the moment - a winner!

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