06 November 2008

With or Without You Entrecard

As you all know, I have not been able to sign in on my Entrecard account because of a breach on RULE # 5 which is no pop-up ads (see article here). I had rectified it already and have followed up and was advised that the ads were still there. In fairness to myself, I was not even informed what blog they were referring to but I did remove any pop-up ads on both blogs. The third blog registered in Entrecard is run by a different administrator so I cannot remove any components the admin had placed there. I am a mere contributor of posts.
I had followed up last 3 November about the status and none has come back. Honestly, my patience is wearing thin. I am giving them until the end of the week to let me know if I am in or out because if they will be so fussy about ads then I am left with no choice.
I managed to earn my previous page rank even without Entrecard. I think it won't hurt to go back that route. I'm not saying goodbye yet. I am still hoping for a silver lining that they will let me sign in again. If not, well, it was a nice ride and I enjoyed every minute I had dropping entrecards to new bloggers and I have met a lot of bloggers thru that.
Entrecard is not all that bad but it's not the only means to an end. Maybe I was just not cut out for it...

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  1. why oh why? mie i always enjoyed my ec dropping :)


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