03 December 2008

Budget Holiday Decorating

Times are hard these days. Even ordinary looking Christmas ornaments can cost a fortune now. Here are simple tips to get you through the decorating mood of the season while not having to burn your pockets.

Tip 1:

Don't throw out those old Christmas baubles. Instead, revamp their look by adding beads or glitters or cute ribbons (those excess from last year's gifts!!!). That should do the trick! Your baubles will look new and gleaming!

Tip 2:

Old socks? Loose garters on those not-so-old socks? Holes maybe? Well, give your socks a second lease in life by using them as Christmas stockings. If you don't have colorful socks to spare, just dye them in Christmas hues of green, red and yellow. If you feel like being girly or boyish, a deep shade of pink or blue will also do. I have old socks here which I converted to stockings. I stitched some scrap textiles I got from old rags that I am about to throw. Now I have a very economical Christmas stockings to be filled with "love."

Tip 3:

Decorate your table with a great centerpiece which will not cost you a cent! Well, this you can only do if you have spare Christmas ornaments you don't feel like putting up on the tree. In my case, I used my spare baubles which I redecorated to look like new, glistening baubles. I placed them on a colored bowl and viola! My very own Christmas mantle decoration. Here is another option, if you live near evergreens or coniferous areas, maybe you can pick up some of those pine cones. Put some glitters or sequins on some of their tips and put them on a colored bowl instead of the baubles. That's another option. Living here in the Middle East does not give me that option to use so I would stick on my old Christmas baubles.

Tip 4:

Going back to ribbons. Use them as additional decors to your Christmas tree. Red and bright greens will be perfect but any other color will be just fine.

Tip 5:

This will require a printer connection and a pc. Download some cute Christmas cartoon pictures and stick them on nice, used card boards. Ask the help of the little elves (in our case, our children) to cut-out the cartoons. Make sure your kids are old enough to handle scissors. Now, punch a hole and put some colorful thread or yarn and put on your Christmas tree or just hang on a clothes line and put little clips on them as Christmas cartoon swags.

Those are just few of the many other ways we can decorate during the holidays in a strict budget. If you have more tips to share, please feel free to leave a comment so everyone can enjoy the Holiday without having to feel guilty by spending on unnecessary things.

Enjoy! Let those creative juice flow.

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