18 December 2008

Gone for the Holidays

Let me greet everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Peaceful 2009! My family and I will be in Manila for the holidays but I will be back after Christmas here in Dubai. I cannot take a long leave now so I am cutting my vacation short (for financial reasons as well). I will not blog for a week to spend my time with my family so please bear with me. However, I will really appreciate your comments, greetings and well-wishings. I shall resume my normal blogging activity by last week of December or perhaps on January 2009.

I pray for the grace of our Lord to shine upon all of us on this blessed season. Let our Christmas be measured by the love of our families and friends, instead of the material things that commercializes this blessed time. Money may come scarce to some of us but we will all get through this through our faith. May 2009 be a year of new hope, new dreams, new goals and the spread of peace to all.

A Blessed Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all of you.


  1. Hey girl,

    Have a great time and Happy Holidays!

    I have a tag for you, hope you'll join the fun when you get back.


  2. Happy Holidays Ria! Have fun on your visit to the Ph.

    I have a tag for you when u get back dear.


    I will do the one you gave me one of these days I promise!;)

  3. Hi....Hope you have a blessed Christmas and enjoy your holiday :)

  4. Merry Christmas too tita!

  5. Hi

    I think this you will also celebrates christmas. There are so many people celebrates christmas with peace and prosperity.


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