30 December 2008

Great Costumes for Great Parties

Halloween passed and I missed the party of my hubby's friends where I could get dressed as someone I only dream of. I planned and rehearsed in my head the images of what would become the ultimate get-up! I wanted to be Disney's Belle in all her yellow gown and matching gloves and tiara! My hubby wanted to be a cute and cuddly bunny mascot. My princess, as usual, would like to be Princess Barbie. However, so much for planning, I didn't know we were going to travel in Singapore. There goes my plans and my Halloween was spent 35,000 feet above the ground!.

I am waiting for another opportunity where I can dress up. I am considering a different costume this time for the three of us. Maybe we will come as bunny family. We like the cute and cuddly bunny costumes where we get to wear long bunny ears. These costumes will be useful too for Easter-themed parties and that's not too far from now.

Wearing costumes is a fun way to dress up and act out those make-believe feelings. I remember wearing go-go boots and micro-mini when I was in elementary school during one of our themed Christmas party and I had fun. It's so nice to re-live those moments. So, I am counting on a good costume this time to wear for fun.

Ideas...check! Make-up...check! Accessories...check! Costumes...coming up! Looking good I would say. Next thing I need to have is the invitation!

(Photos from Buycostumes.com)

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