02 December 2008

How to Slim a Little (or a lot) before the Holidays

Holidays spell gift-giving and opening of presents, being with family and dear friends, having parties and merriment. Holidays also bring about expanding waistlines because of the nice, sumptuous meals we are all going to have.

That can be avoided if we are determined to focus all our energies (rather than utilize it by drinking and eating unwittingly) in eating the proper food and drinking the necessary drinks over the holidays.

  • First, let's be realistic with our goals. Oftentimes, when we set out goals like, "I want to lose 20 pounds by 24 December 2008" and it's already December 1st tomorrow, we are just making it hard on ourselves. Let's face it, unless you have a properly-functioning metabolism (then that means you don't need to lose weight because you are already burning calories) like some very genetically-blessed people then you can say, "yes, I will lose that 20 kilos in 3 weeks!" Much as I want to salute the person who will say that for the bravado and confidence, our bodies cannot lose weight as fast as we want it to because that will be detrimental to our own health. Try putting an achievable number of pounds to lose as a goal per week, like a pound or 2 for a week. Now that's being realistic.
  • Second, I believe on not putting myself up on any hunger-strike. Our body has it's own defense mechanism. If we starve it, it will save our fats for heat and that won't help our purpose of slimming down. Our bodies should be fueled like any other machine. A car won't run without gas and so is our body. Eat!
  • Take few small portions of meals in a day. That should keep your blood sugar lever on an even keel.
  • I have been bad on this one for the past few weeks. I normally don't allow myself to grab a piece of chips but lately I have been gorging chips and drinking sodas like I was a fish in a soda tank! Very bad! So, skip the bad stuff and nibble on healthy food like baby carrots (this is my fave munchies), cucumber slices (I normally dip this in vinegar), dried apricots or prunes, green and red apples and some seedless grapes.
  • Skip the dressings, gravies and butter! When you are tempted to sprinkle salt, just ask for the other condiment. "Pass the pepper please."
  • Exercise at least 4 times in a week or whatever will suit your lifestyle. I run on the treadmill 4 times in a week for 20 mins. I also insert a 2-3 minutes of sprint to pump up my cardio. I have not tried strength training yet as I figure out how to maximize my running routine.
  • Take a walk. Use the stairs. Walk your dog. Keep moving! Be active! Do something. Even gardening can burn some of your calories.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours daily. If you are sleep-deprived at night, try having power naps then exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Sooner or later, you'll see yourself slimmer (and healthier) than ever! Happy Holidays and easy on those minced pies and Yule logs, OK?


  1. hi ria, good luck to us. i still have to lose 8 pounds before the 18th. i have a wedding to attend to. kailangan kase marami picture taking don for sure =)

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