03 December 2008

I have a Christmas Wish for Santa

I have fond memories of my childhood. My siblings and I used to peek on the stairway railings and would see "Santa" placing presents under our Christmas tree. He would also eat the cookies and drink the chocolate drink my siblings and I placed on the coffee table. My parents told us how Santa could grant our wish if our names were in the "nice list." So we would do everything we could to behave properly, to follow orders and just be good little boys and girls. Oh the sweet memories...

I have always believed that there is a Santa and that he grants wishes for those who believe. I grew up having that belief in my heart. Got a Wish Sweeepstakes can just make that happen for me now that I am all grown up. It is easy to join and you might just be the lucky winner of $500. Just enter the sweepstakes for free but you have to be 18 and above years old and a resident of the US to qualify. There is also a portion there where you can upload a picture and see the effects. I chose the picture of my family so that I am always reminded of the warm memories of my youth.

CEIVA, the company responsible in bringing this wonderful sweepstakes is offering unique and great gift ideas such as the photo frame. The frame is not just your ordinary table-top kind of frame. It displays pictures from anywhere else in the world without having to connect to a PC or having to download or upload to the frame itself. It also has wi-fi so that receiving and sending of pictures is easy as learning a-b-c! A built-in memory card reader is also an added feature.

So, do you want to tell Santa your wish this Christmas?


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