08 December 2008

Monday Party Games - Guess How Many *Contest*

This is the very first time I am running a contest here. It's quite basic, no frills, just a guessing game. This is not your normal Monday Party Games series where I feature a good flash game to play. Let's see if you can tell how many guinea pig/s is/are there in the cage.

Joining is very simple:

1. Guess how many.
2. Leave the answer in my comments area.
3. STRICTLY ONE ENTRY ONLY. No duplicate of comments please. If by chance you wrote another one, I will strike off the 2nd and will consider your first comment as the entry.
4. You must have a Paypal account.

US$ 5.00 and 2 weeks 125 x 125 ad spot in all my blogs: It's My Party, The Fashop and In My Home.

This will run from December 8 to 15 only. I will choose the winner through Random.org and will be announced the next day.


  1. hi ria, let me be the first to guess and since im the first i say there is only 1 guinea pig in the cage

  2. kakatuwa naman contest mo! i'm guessing 3. tama ba?=)

  3. siguro mag asawa? so dalawa :)

    pasensya na ngayon lang ako nakapunta ulit dito. andami ko kasing drama sa buhay ngayon :)

    ingat lagi.

  4. Cute naman nito sis! My guess is 5. hehehehhe. About the shirts, thanks for liking them. Just give us a buzz if push through ka. Best wishes!!!! Pag manalo ako, give me a buzz.Umasa.hahahahh!

  5. waaaaah. its hard to guesss.. am nervous with what am going to answer na hehehe

    by the way i have to give my answer, i guess there is ONE in there.

  6. hi girl..thanks for inviting me to join your contest.Your great ..eto naisip mo.
    guess ko : only one guinea pig

  7. My guess is ONE guinea pig....tama kaya?

  8. this is a cool contest girl! i am guessing 2!

  9. hi katukayo i guess 2. thanks for inviting me to joined in the fun! have a good day my friend!

  10. there can only be ONE guinea pig in there. the rest are trimmed paper. :D

  11. Hi, Ria
    I guess 1 guinea pig in the cage
    Thx for invited me

  12. Hello Ria..sali ako :)
    I am guessing there are three Guinea pigs inside the cage :) Sana tama ako.

  13. hmmm, andami ng 1, sige guess ko 4 :D

  14. oh sooo nice of you to do this ria amiga! :-) sorry i missed this. buti na lang u reminded me.

    anyway, my guess is 3...hehe

    merry christmas!

  15. thanks to all my beautiful friends for joining...watch out for the next contest soon!


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