08 December 2008

More on the Mini-contest

First of all, thanks to the the first few who left their answers and comments on the Guess How Many - Monday Party Games mini-contest.

I forgot to inform you that, I will only input the data of those who guessed the answer correctly in Random.org. I am feeling generous too so I may just offer some consolation prizes, perhaps free ad spots in my 3 blogs too for a week. I shall let you all know when the mini-contest is over. Do tell your family and friends to join in the fun, just make sure you have Paypal account, ok?

I will come up with more mini contest in the future. In the absence of my ex-Entrecard account, I will not be able to give EC credits as prizes. However, if there are willing sponsors who will give EC credits then I don't mind having them as prizes too. Let's see...

I am looking forward to your comments/answers and keep the love pouring!

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