31 December 2008

My New Year's Prayer for 2009

Dear Lord,

As we come to the end of a tumultuous year of 2008, give us a shining ray of hope to welcome 2009 with faith and belief that all of the crisis the world is facing right now will come to an end.

I pray for peace amongst my brethren. I pray for prosperity for everyone. I pray that You will continue to bless us with your grace and love. Keep all of us safe from harm. Provide us the needs that You deem is enough for us. I pray for the protection of the innocent children all over the world. I pray for the healing of Mother nature. I pray for happiness of those who have already lost so much and hope for the hopeless. I pray for the indigent people. I pray for our religious and political leaders that they will be guided according to Your will. I pray for the homeless to have shelters. I pray for the rich that they may share their riches to those who are in need. I pray for the lost souls that they may find their way. Give us the strength to battle each obstacle that will come our way. Make us steadfast in our faith in Your most omnipotent power.

I believe in You Lord because You know what is best for us. I will leave all my worries with the passing of the old year and welcome 2009 with bright promises.

Thank you Lord for the year that was and for the year that will be.



  1. I wish that all your prayers will be answered. I wish you also the best of the new year--a blessed and an abundant one.

  2. A blessed new year to you and your family Ria!
    Christmas regalo ko? :)joke...hehehe.

  3. hi ria, happy new year to you and your family. that's a good prayer. my prayer was mainly about me and my kids. selfish=)

    hope we all have a wonderful year ahead. =)

  4. Thanks for the wishes Sis. Happy New Year too!

    Paano yan ikaw lang mag isa dyan? Kumusta ang New Year mo?

  5. Beautiful wishes and prayers. I wish you a peaceful and Happy New Year!!!

  6. I pray with you for our country and our world. Wishing you Peace and Joy in the new year!


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