16 December 2008

Shower My Blues Away

I have been bugging the developer of our flat to fix our shower fixtures for quite some time now. All I ever want is to have a decent bath to start my day right without worrying if the shower will even work or not. It is even annoying to come home and see your bathroom become a mini-pool area from the leak and busted pipes of the shower system.

Prior to moving in this flat, I was already having this weird thoughts playing in my head on how I am going to rip off the shower and replace it with a nice, top-of-the-range shower accessories with anti-leak shower enclosure and simply enjoy my bathing time without any hassle. Thinking about those great improvement ideas made me and my husband take the flat right there and then.

I have always wanted a spa-like bathroom with enough space to walk around and the shower area is not cramped in one place. So we plan to have the master bath refurbished with frameless glass shower enclosure and a soothing steam shower to complete the spa look! Of course, the ubiquitous bath tub will be there too. Thinking about how my new master bathroom will look like after the installation of the new shower kits and shower enclosure is already giving me certain calmness, the same kind of feeling you get when you are being pampered in a luxurious spa. All that comfort right in my own private master bath!

I have checked numerous sites specializing in shower improvement with upgrades on shower kits, shower enclosure and steam showers and found an amazing site which captures the very kind of shower system I want. Unlimited Showers carries wide range of high quality shower kits and enclosures which emulate luxurious bathing experience without paying the luxurious cost! Their high quality shower kits, enclosures and steam shower are even offered at discounted and clearance price. My hubby does not mind shelling out extra cash for the shower doors just to ensure the great bathing experience by using Unlimited Showers’ products. Some of the products are either in glass or acrylic but we prefer the acrylic type. Having an extra jet shower will be a treat but if in case we do get one, I want one that simulates rainfall. As for the enclosure, I just want a simple, frameless type that can be affixed on the corner so I still have more room to move in the bathroom.

Oh, I can't wait to shower my blues away with Unlimited Showers!

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  1. Those steam showers are okay but I have this Steam Shower and it is quite a bit bigger. I'm 6'2'' and those aren't quite tall enough.


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