14 December 2008

Tag - The Fours Edition

Aloha! MsRay of Woman on a JouRney for this interesting tag. Thanks for remembering me on this one because I love doing tags. Hugs to you!

1. Places I would like to visit and why

Rotorua, New Zealand - I sold some packages for this place but I have never been there myself. It would be fun to see and feel how it is to be in a place I can only see in pictures and travel brochures. Rotorua is known for geothermal activities in New Zealand like geysers and their mud pools and also famously known for its colorful landscape and craters.

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The Galapagos - I am so interested with the eco-system in that island.

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The Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, UK - I was 5 years old when I saw a picture of Stonehenge and ever since I am so bent to go there. Maybe next year...

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland - The top of Europe, as it is famously known. Again, being a travel agent before, I know a lot of interesting places which travellers will find very appealing and this place is one of them. I have prepared several packages before about this place and again, I have not set foot on that place yet. My colleagues who had travelled to Jungfraujoch said that the place was breath-taking! That remains to be seen!

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2. Favorite things to munch on
Baby carrots
Pringles Barbecue flavor

3. Favorite sites for online shopping
Victoria's Secret

4. Things you have to get done this weekend
Ironing clothes
Buy food for the pets
Clean my closet again for the _nth time!
Pack for our Christmas holiday trip to Manila this Friday morning (December 19)

5. Things that pop up when you google your name
** secret ** hehehe!

I am passing this to: Niko, Bill, Jason, Marly, Kate C, Tricia, Binkgee , Tata , Ate Anna and Posh. This is fun! Hope you'll enjoy doing this...


  1. I'm gonna post this soon. Ria, thanks for passing this tag to me. It seems it's fun.

  2. thanks ria!!

    i will be doing this tag while having lunch :D

    so ur going home for christmas?!! wow!! enjoy dearie.. :) mwah


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