24 December 2008

Teen Education Site

As a parent of a soon-to-be teen, I cannot help but wonder about how my daughter will fair in her studies when she reaches high school. She is currently in her 5th Grade in an international school and lessons are getting harder each change of term. I know I have to start preparing her for the inevitable - the rigid high school subjects!

Brightstorm is a good site to get courses to aid your kid's studies with subjects we commonly have difficulty with like Algebra, Writing, History and SAT tips. It has been a while since I got out of school and it would be difficult for me now to teach her the rudiments of some of those difficult subjects especially Math which is my Waterloo. I am quite relieved that this site can offer great tips in covering those subjects. I know this will be very beneficial for me when my daughter starts her high school session. At least when that happens, I am better prepared and we can both handle the onslaught of Algebra problems like a piece of cake.

It is easy to get around the site. You will have to Sign up for a free brightstorm account and choose the subject you want to cover. I choose the Algebra II (probably) Won't Kill You of Joshuah Thurbee and found the course fun and interesting. I suddenly had a flashback of how I dealt with my Algebra woes during my high school days. I found this course an eye opener and saw Algebra in a different perspective, or should I say, in a better and positive perspective because I found the subject loathsome! After taking this free course, I have seen the good side of Algebra!

Brightstorm gives storm of benefits like:
- Educational Effectiveness
- Value
- Funness
- The professionalism of the content
-Sign up for a free account and have access to a free episode

I'm sure, my daughter will have a fun time going through the courses in Brightstorm.


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