12 December 2008

Year-end Cleaning

2008 is almost drawing to an end with few days left in the 12th month of the year. I have been figuring out how to welcome my 2009 with a fresh new start, less the hassles, lesser the stress, more eco-friendly practices, tighter budget and perhaps a cleaner house!

I have just done my autumn cleaning by sending my daughter's toys back home and I guess I will be doing another round of cleaning and this time it's my year-end cleaning. However, my vacuum cleaner is not as helpful as it used to with its worn out filter, bags, and rollers. EZ Vacuum might just do the trick for me with their 10% discount on vacuum cleaners bags belts filters brushrolls machines. Imagine the cost of buying a new vacuum cleaner compared to just replacing the parts; I will be spending more if I buy a new one. As the budget gets tighter and the money becomes scarce, I will definitely need a value-for-money vacuum cleaning parts, filters and bags without having to dispose the current equipment I have since it is still usable. This code EZVAC10 will give you the 10% off from vacuum cleaners to vacuum parts, filters, bags and even more and is applicable to purchases above $20. EZ Vacuum will also ship your order via UPS.

Winter cleaning, here I come!


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