28 January 2009

Amy Poehler is a "Smart Girl"

I find Amy Poehler a very comical lady with a great sense of humor. I watch her in Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey as they relentlessly make fun of iconic figures. And boy, they do deliver with aplomb and great laughter! To see her do comical takes and funny impersonation of some political and even famous people makes my day.

Well, Amy Poehler is not just a joke-cracker. She is also a good actress in the movies, although most roles she play are funny ones. Here, in Cozmo TV, she is one of the inspirations behind the Smart Girls at the Party. I get to see a more serious Amy Poehler in these web series that she created together with another Amy and Meridith. This web series is a great site for young people and their parents alike as it fosters the raw talents of young minds and establish good interaction for parents and kids as well. It is very wholesome and entertaining. It is like a breath of fresh air after watching programs in the media which only depict negativity and violence. This is something parents and their kids should be watching.

If you want to watch the episodes, you can get your own widget here or visit their site.

Below is a trailer of her web series:


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